Why Invest in Education?

Why Book a Yoga Foundation Course Before You Start Teacher Training?

If you want to become a yoga instructor, then you don't have to immediately join a certified yoga teacher program. You can take a foundation course first. What does this course teach you? Why should you consider this level of learning before your teacher training?

What Is a Yoga Foundation Course?

A foundation course gives people an introduction to the principles of yoga and its practices. It takes your current practical knowledge of yoga to theoretical levels. So, for example, a course might teach you about the history of yoga and give you an introduction to key yogic texts, paths and schools. You get a theoretical grounding that boosts the knowledge you've gained by practising yoga so far.

You also usually learn more about how yoga can affect your spiritual and emotional states. For example, a foundation course might teach you more about mindfulness, meditation and chanting. During your training, you get a deeper understanding of how to mesh your own yoga experience with your personal goals. A good course gives you practical guidance on how to develop the skills to bring these two elements of your life together.

Why Take a Yoga Foundation Course?

Some yoga teaching courses require you to have some formal foundational training before you can apply for a certified training program. You can often do this training with the provider you want to use for teaching training. Or, you can use another company. The education you get here is invaluable during your teacher training. You learn some of the basics you need to know to develop instructional skills.

This knowledge makes your actual teacher training a lot easier. You can hit the ground running if you already understand the basics. Yoga teacher training courses are often intensive. If you have some foundational experience when you start, then you are less likely to be overwhelmed. You can focus on building on your skills. Plus, a foundation course also helps you decide if you really do want to become a yoga instructor. You get a snapshot view of how advanced training works and whether you're cut out for this path.

If all goes well, you'll go into your teacher training program with confidence and conviction. If you feel you aren't actually cut out to be a yoga instructor just yet, then you will save money on a full program's course fees. To find out more, contact certified yoga teacher program providers like those at Yoga Alliance Professionals and ask about their foundation training services.